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We are Alex & Mandy, living on a 36 foot Beneteau Oceanis sailboat with our baby Levi. On our boat, we lived in Greece, crossed the Med, made our way to the Canary Islands, crossed the Atlantic, and roam the Caribbean Islands. In our time onboard, we learned the ropes very quickly. And we keep learning, every day. Join us and get a head start.

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The sailing world is opinionated. We learned to indeed listen to everyone, but only follow the advice of a few.

This is not a sailing school.

A few exceptions aside, we are not teaching you the ASA curriculum. We wouldn’t dare. Get your sailing certificates before you head out to sea. 

But chances are that your sailing instructor does not live on a sailboat. We do, and this is what we know. What we show you is what it takes to live on a sailboat, we talk about the attitude and mindset, the necessary skills apart from sailing, information and customs about different cruising grounds, and what you will love and hate about the countries you’ll visit.

You’ve come to a place where we take your time seriously. Every minute of our videos is packed with relevant information. 
You may find a lot of this information on YouTube. But you’ll have to be a sailing channel connosseur and watch many months of entertainment content to find all the information you’re looking for.

On YouTube, videos are designed to maximize watch time, which helps the creator succeed, but is often wasting your time. On LAA, we are not following algorithm games trying to catch and keep your attention. In LAA, you don’t have to “watch until the end to find out xyz”. Our videos are straight to the point, the information you’re looking for comes first.

We have talked to loads of cruisers over the years, made expensive mistakes, learned from it and share the knowledge with you. Often, there is not a one solution that fits all. Our approach is to tell you what works for us, and what could work for others. We are not sail trim experts, but we are project experts. And we are living on our boat as we write this. Let us help you get ahead of schedule and point you in the right direction, make better decisions, maybe avoid an expensive mistake or two along the way.

Sign up to our newsletter on to stay up to date about LAA and take advantage of the launch discount, exclusive to email subscribers


Sign up to our newsletter on to stay up to date about LAA and take advantage of the launch discount, exclusive to email subscribers

See what's inside

Approaching liveaboard life

If you are thinking about the idea of living on a boat then no stress! We're checking in on attitude and skillset necessary to live easy on the water.

Boat Handling

We are not a sailing school and will not be your ASA or RYA teacher. But we will show you in depth how to handle lines, winches, jammers, and make the boat move without injuries. We start each lesson on a beginner level but end up with a level of detail that helps you deeply understand what is going on.

Equipment of a cruising boat

We have turned an ex-charter boat into a full time liveaboard home that we crossed an ocean with. We will show you what equipment we needed and why we chose what we chose to be self sustaining on anchor.

Living aboard

This module teaches you the skills of the live aboard and the things that make our lives easy. Set your expectations right, because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But it’s always an adventure.

Liveaboard Kitchen

Food is making or breaking a passage, makes for unforgettable nights on anchor, and lifts crew spirit. Restaurants are great, but being able to put home made and healthy food on the cockpit table every day is even better. We share how we create non-perishable basic food and ingredients that you easily turn into a multitude of quick meals. We offer you our experience on provisioning in the Mediterranean and around the Caribbean islands. And we share some of the best low-effort recipes we use on a regular basis.

Cruising Grounds

Just as boat life is different for everyone, so are the experiences in different cruising grounds. Spend your time in the cruising ground that is most in line with what you value in life!


I want a different kind of boat than yours, will LAA still be relevant to me?

LAA does not teach you how to sail a 36 foot monohull. Of course our experience comes from sailing our boat, but the kind of knowledge we convey is universally applicable, no matter what boat you're on. It could be a motorboat for all we know.

Is this an accredited course?

No. This is not a sailing school.

Can I get my money back

Yes. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee as long as you haven't watched more than half of the videos.

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